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BHEEMUNIPATNAM PORT (Proposed to be developed as Minor Port)

  • Located at :-
    • North :- The boundary pillar near the small hill north of the river.
    • East :- The space enclosed by the lines running due east from the boundary pillars to 10 fathoms of water.
    • South:- The boundary pillar near the burial grounds the seashore between them to within 50 yards of high water mark spring tides.
    • West :- The foreshore 50 yards above high water mark from the south boundary pillar to the boundary stone at the north-eastern corner of the coconut tope well lying 26 chains 80 links and 315 degrees 15 minutes from the north western corner of the Port Office, thence direct to the north boundary pillar.

  • on the southern bank near the mouth of river Gosthani, about 16 nautical miles north of the port of Visakhapatnam.
  • The port is well connected to the road network. The BG double railway line is at a distance of 30 km. Visakhapatnam is the nearest airport.
  • There is an old wharf alongside which there is no water even during high tides. Limited back up area is available at this port and additional land can be acquired as needed.


  • The port can be developed as lighterage port. The development works needed would include construction of short breakwater, creation of navigation channel, construction of wharf, shore facilities and providing of lighterage fleet. It is suited for development of a good deep water, all weather port.